About SmallTown Stock

Smalltown Stock is a group of photojournalists creating stock imagery. Our photography, unlike that of the over-stylized look of traditional stock photography, stimulates storytelling with strong, evocative images creating an emotional experience for the reader.

Realizing many of our editorial shoots result in images that better match the need for contemporary stock imagery, we began SmallTown Stock with the intention of providing publishers and editors with photos of real people in real situations at real events. SmallTown Stock's core group of photographers brings more than 75 years of photojournalism to stock photography. Our experiences teach us the need for matching content with readership, delivering targeted images and helping publishers create a product to hold the reader's attention.

SmallTown Stock is a Reasonably Rights Managed™ company supplying images for creating business partnerships with publishers, editors and photo buyers. A division of Gardiner NewMedia, SmallTown Stock helps photographers and artists manage, display and market their creative assets while encouraging the cultivation of a profitable business.